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Words to Write by Wednesday on Thursday: Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Presentation!

Kinda ironic to use social media as a cautionary tale, but it needs to be said! Before you hang up on me, let me be clear, social media has a language all its own - one that should not be used when you write your book!

Now, if you are writing YAF, or an urban tale, you would have to take liberties. Truthfully though, don’t drive your editor crazy using the uselessly abbreviated social media language in a book. Texting, tweeting, booking all force us to speak in this abbreviated fashion, maybe because our thumbs and fingers can’t take it. Maybe it has made us lazy but for those avenues - it’s okay!

I love that fb is the one place where I can write without capitalization, make up strange abbreviations that everyone seems to understand and lol or even better LOLOL!

When writing a book or formal document, however, we do not lol, ttyl or use memes, selfies, or smiley faces. We spell words out. We use standard capitalization. We spell words correctly and we actually use punctuation! A well placed comma can make all the difference in the world.

So while I understand how important it is to be socially relevant, I also understand how important it is to be understood and standard english, like taught in school, is by far the best way to make your point!

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Words to Write by Wednesday - on Thursday: Heed the Call!

If only the people who are gifted writers wrote books, the number of books in circulation would instantly decrease by millions. The truth is that not every person who writes a book is a writer. BUT, that doesn’t mean their story should not, or cannot be told.

Yes, it is an amazing gift to be able to write well, but it is even more amazing when you heed the call; writer or not. So you’ve got this idea, concept, story, testimony, burning inside you. It keeps coming back to you - won’t let you sleep at night. You need to heed the call.

No excuses! Get started, do your very best - create a NO PROCRASTINATION ZONE - and without fear do the thing that is in your heart to do! I know, fear that it won’t be good, fear that you can’t do it, fear someone might not like it. Did you know that fear is the number one reason for failure?

It’s not because you tried and failed! That just means you now know what to improve or fix. It’s not because you made a mistake - it’s because you failed to try.

SO, today, refuse to let the evil spirit of fear stop you and heed the call. Don’t give thought to what you can’t do - do what you can do! There’s something special about being aligned with the universe that gives every story purpose.

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Words to Write by Wednesday: It’s Grammar Time!

Admttedly I am old school (which BTW is probably spelled skool), I like guys to open doors for me, I like songs where lyrics are sung to music and I like the use of standard english rules to govern writing,

“Gotta love technology these days!” Well, I do, however, technology should not supersede good writing skiills. Some things are just sacred - or they should be. But even the dictionary adds new words every year based on popular culture and online newspapers are fraught with typos.

Txtng (texting), FB (facebook), tweeting (twitter) all have their own writing style; whether it is 140 characters. or quickie memos. Social media, while it has supposedly increased the way we communicate, has eroded the way we write. This is not a campaign to make sure schools will not change the way they teach kids to read - although it’s not a bad idea - it is a plea to encourage the use of the same grammar rules we were taught to use in school.

For example:

1.  Avoid beginning sentences with conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘because’, ‘while’ or ‘but’. This because we often leave out the subject or the verb, making it a phrase/incomplete sentence.

2.  Don’t use gimmicks (quotation marks, bold, capitalization) to make your point, use good, strong sentences. You’re writing a book or an article, not a flier.

3.  ‘Seen’ is not the past tense of ‘see’. Saw is. “I seen the accident” is incorrect. “I saw the accident” is correct. 

4.  Have a bless day is incorrect. Have a blessed day is correct.

5.  Simple errors  – your and you’re; these are not the same words. Your(s) is possessive meaning something belongs to you i.e. “your sweater or the ideas are yours”. While you’re is a contraction combining the words ‘you’ and ‘are’ i.e. “you’re the cream in my coffee or “you’re not all that  

More reminders are coming so stay tuned!

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